As in accordance with Scouting Ireland Rules it is important that we point out some of the various procedures that are in place on the site.

Fire Safety

The building has a fire cert and complies with all the fire regulations. It has an attending fire alarm system with integrated smoke alarms. The building is fitted throughout with emergency lighting in case of a power outage. The ground floor houses the toilets and shower area and the upstairs is where the dorms are situated. There is a full fire escape built to the rear of the building in case of emergency leading off the upstairs.

Fire Evacuation

  • When the fire alarm sounds immediately leave the building by your nearest exits which are all marked with exit signs.
  • Don’t wait to collect your gear or anything. Get out straight away and stay out.
  • In the case of an evacuation the fire assembly point for the site is at the main gate.

Everyone should be informed of this when they arrive, and everyone should assemble there when a fire alarm sounds.

Rubbish and recycling

The centre supports and encourages recycling. We ask that all groups recycle and take their recycling items to the nearby town recycling centre – McElvaney’s. Regarding rubbish we ask that all groups bring away all their own waste during or at the end of their camps.

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping arrangements are as per Scouting Ireland code of good practice rules and constitution.


All scout groups using the centre must be full members of Scouting Ireland/Girl Guides and must have a copy of a letter of indemnity from either Scouting Ireland or the National Girl Guides to state they are fully insured.

[things that are not permitted]

Smoking Policy

The campsite is a no smoking zone from the minute you pass through the main gates. No smoking is allowed on site or in the main building. No exemptions. If you must smoke; we ask that you leave the site through the main gates and smoke down along the river making sure that your cigarette is fully extinguished.

Alcohol and Drugs

The Scout Centre operates a strict no alcohol or drugs policy.


Open ground fires are not allowed on site apart from in the campsite circle.

Altar fires are allowed on site in half barrels raised off the ground. All ashes are to be deposited in the campfire circle on completion of the camp and fully extinguished.

Post driving

No posts apart from tent pegs are allowed to be driven into the ground. All camp gadgets are to be free standing. There are ground pipes laid out around the site for putting up boundaries in a competition scenario or if camping is taking place in patrols. Just check with the camp warden if required.

Vehicles on Site

Access with vehicles to the site is up a long forest track. There is no problem accessing the site via this route by car or van, but reduced speed is advisable. Buses should park at the GAA grounds and users should walk the very short distance across the footbridge to the campsite.

All vehicles are to be parked in the carpark on site and strictly no vehicles are allowed onto the camping field.


The Scout Centre is only open to Scouting and Girl Guide groups affiliated to their national organisations. All Groups using the site must adhere to and work under the Rules and Constitution of their organisations. A letter of indemnity must accompany each booking and strict adherence to the ratio of Leaders to Youth members must be obeyed. All users using the centre are covered by the insurance of their national organisation.