Fees go to the running of the group as a whole and are an integral part of running the section meetings to the standard that we do. They are used for the section meetings, leader training, hall and campsite upkeep, etc. We currently have one of the best equipped scout groups in this region with our own hall and campsite so all monies received is put to good use. We are always conscious of keeping costs of activities, camps, etc to a minimum.

Fee Collection

Fees are collected in 3 installments, generally in September, November and February. Fees paid on time are most appreciated. Fees paid on time are most appreciated.

We send a group text a week before each due date to remind parents of upcoming fees due. If for any reason anyone is having difficulty paying please contact your child’s section leader in the strictest confidence.

The process of collecting installments is as follows:

  • Reminder text sent the week of installment due
  • 1 week after due date: Individual text sent to parents
  • 2 weeks after date: Letter posted from Group to parent
  • Receipts given to the parents when payment is made.

The twelve days of Christmas tickets are available from the end of October and money collected can be offset against the dues. Any excess money can be offset against weekends and annual camp fees only as per previous years.