Returning to Scouting in 3rd Monaghan

Are you looking for the Return to Scouting Health Questionnaire?

Running Meetings Again

  • All meetings are outside until further notice by group leader. This is either at the campsite or in the green area at the back of the hall.
  • Meeting must operate as per Scouting Ireland guidelines –
  • Indoor meeting up to 15 can operate once strict social distancing can be maintained up to 15 people (as per scouting Ireland guidelines), this will facilitate planning meetings only for the time being.
  • Log to be maintained for contract tracing of all who attend meetings details required are name, parents contact number, length of time present. Identify the pod structure within this register, as if a confirmed case identified other pods may not be deemed close contact. Small group system (patrols, sixes, etc) to be used for pods. Attendance lists to be used as contact tracing logs.
  • If any suspected case/person present with symptoms same must be communicated with Frank/Lisa as soon as they are evacuated from site/hall to parents.
  • In event of someone going home sick the group will take advise from public health it is not our role to inform other parents, just have contact tracing information for when public health require same.
  • Identify isolation area for all meetings/events in the event that someone shows symptoms.
  • Liaise with other sections as to plans for outdoor meeting to ensure no overlap of area/equipment. This is mostly with cub/beavers as both meeting run at same time same day.
  • Educate on hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette and identify to all youth members where hand sanitation units are situated.
  • Meet and greet at gates of campsite/hall may be helpful to ensure hand sanitation before entry to same
  • Communicate to all members to come prepared for outdoor for all meetings now i.e.: suitable clothing, footwear and head torch.
  • Masks must be worn by anyone over age of 13 if social distancing cannot be maintained whist outside.
  • Adhere to cleaning and implement it as part of meetings.
  • Each section identifies best tool to use to ensure weekly “no change” in health status as first identified on return to scouting form i.e.: WhatsApp group is possible. EG: Each Monday before cubs send out question has your child health status change? Request thumbs up.

Scout hall/Campsite

  • Each section will be furnished with cleaning box for the section rooms in hall which will include all cleaning equipment to ensure all surfaces are cleaned. When sections are running low on this send Lisa a text on 0876996735. We will buy it in bulk.
  • All hand sanitiser units are installed in hall and campsite (supply of same in hall and campsite)
  • Mobile hand sanitiser equipment available if going off site (supply will be left in store at campsite)
  • For all rooms it is essential that all surfaces are kept clear, anything below face level has potential for droplet to fall upon so could pose risk of cross infection. Suggest store all paperwork in press or storage boxes.
  • Cleaning before and after each meeting: tabletops, benches, windowsill, hand contact points ie. Light switches, handrails, taps, toilet flush points. Clean by spraying disinfectant clean on surface and wipe clean.
  • All bins /waste to be emptied each meeting and put in wheelie bins.
  • If any section using another sections room, please clean before and after use.


  • All leaders must ensure each week that health status is within current public health guidelines and if not notify section leader at ASAP of your absence, as you may not be the only person absent and it may take some organising to get other leaders or cancel meeting.
  • Support and respect other leader/ children /parents who may be anxious regarding Covid everyone is experiencing this pandemic in very different ways.
  • Discuss within your own sections action plan if youth member/adult member becomes unwell during meeting or event. Where is isolation area? Identify this at each meeting/event.

Youth Members

  • Youth members need to be responsible for their health status also, discuss with all youth member importance of this for themselves and other (especially in older sections: scouts and ventures)
  • Involve youth members in cleaning schedule, it is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Ensure youth members aware of good hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette
  • If for any reason a youth member unable to attend meeting/events try and keep them linked in with group